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Blaine Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning offers a variety of home and business services to Merced, California. From duct cleaning, to water heater repair, to thermostat installation, we are ready to meet the needs of your home or company, guaranteeing that everything is in order. We are proud to have served Merced and the surrounding areas for almost four decades, and are always looking to give the best customer satisfaction. For any other questions, contact us here or call us at 209-723-0062. Our team is here to meet all your HVAC needs.

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When Blaine Inc. works for you, you’re able to have a majority of problems within your home solved by one HVAC company. Don’t waste your time searching for multiple different businesses – Blaine Inc. can solve it all! After an air conditioning maintenance check, our technicians can check out the air ducts within your home, guaranteeing that the air you receive is not only cool, but fresh! Get rid of dirt, dust, and debris circulating around your home or business, call Blaine Inc. today!

Our team of technicians is here for your heating, cooling, and other miscellaneous needs. When working with us, we will give you upfront prices and thoroughly check your home for any future problems, solving emergencies before they start. Prioritize your home or business, work with Blaine Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning.

Give us a call at 209-723-0062 today! Our team is eager to help you!

About Merced, California

Often called “The Gateway to Yosemite,” Merced is a city located in central California and provides more of a small-town feel as compared to other major California cities. With a population of 88,000, it is less than an hour drive from larger cities such as Modesto and Fresno, and two hours away from San Francisco. Merced is home to the University of California: Merced and offers a mixture of both urban and small-town living.

Things to do in Merced

Lake Yosemite

Merced County Courthouse Museum

Merced Multicultural Arts Center

What is Merced Known For?

Merced is close to Yosemite National Park and offers low-cost living and a community that serves as the cultural and government hub for its area.

Is Merced a Good Place to Live?

Merced, CA is a smaller town that still offers larger town amenities and opportunities. Its university allows students, faculty, and residents to be surrounded by economic and educational growth, with an expanding downtown and abundance of bicycle trails.

Does Merced get snow?

Merced receives about 13 inches of rain and 0 inches of snow approximately every year. It stays warm for the majority of the year, but can experience temperatures as low as 37 degrees in December and January.