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Air Duct Cleaning

Are your ducts making you do a double-take? If so, it may be time to schedule a professional air duct cleaning service with Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning! Enjoy refreshing air again and give us a call!

HVAC technician cleaning out air ducts

So, What is Duct Cleaning and Why do I Need it?

When it comes to duct cleaning, homeowners tend to ask these common questions. “What is duct cleaning?” and “why do I need my ducts cleaned?” Air duct cleaning, if done by a professional, has many great benefits to the health and wellness of homeowners. For starters, without a duct cleaning every three to five years, you can put yourself and your family at risk for heightening health issues. The risk of catching colds increases and pre-existing conditions such as asthma can worsen. With a clean air duct, everyone gets a chance to breathe easier and stay healthy.

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The Benefits of Duct Cleaning

The most common reason homeowners tend to call for a duct cleaning is because they notice a certain smell flowing throughout their home. This is likely because of mold growth, and in worse cases, a deceased rodent. Besides removing mold and rodents, there are many benefits to professional air duct cleaning:

- Reduces Allergies

What goes in must come out. Air ducts circulate just about everything that enters your home from pollen and dust to dog hair and mold. For those with allergies, you can benefit greatly from cleaning your air ducts and removing these contaminants.

- Improves Airflow Efficiency

Air ducts that are built up with dust, debris, and mold, have to work harder to heat and cool areas around your home which affects your wallet and your comfort.

- Saves You Money

As mentioned above, air ducts that have to work harder will increase your energy bills significantly. Regularly cleaning your ducts will increase efficiency and lower your payments.

- Removes Unpleasant Odors

Collected pet dander and old rodents can create an unpleasant smell if they find their way into your ductwork. A professional will be able to rid your ducts of these materials and thoroughly clean out your system.

Feel Refreshed with Blaine’s Air Duct Cleaning

As a residential or commercial owner, you likely strive to keep your place clean by sweeping, vacuuming, and sanitizing.  While doing this, you likely don’t get around to cleaning your air ducts. Why? Because air ducts can look much cleaner than they are. Over time, your ducts collect dirt, debris, dust, and if you are a pet owner, lots and lots of pet dander. This new hodge-podge of bacteria can collect deep within your air ducts, out of visibility, and affect your health as the contaminated air gets blown throughout your home. This can make your home dirtier as well. Professional air duct cleaning washes and vacuums out the contaminates so your vents can be as clean as the rest of your home!

Once you decide it’s time for a duct cleaning, call Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning at 209-723-0062 to get your comfort back on track.