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When your furnace fails to keep you warm, Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning can help! Serving the Greater Merced Area, we are proud to offer furnace repairs, maintenance, and more!

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When your Furnace Fails to Keep you Warm, Blaine’s can Help

A home should be a place where you are comfortable year-round, so what happens when the cold weather comes in and your furnace stops working? Well, you might gather every blanket you own and fall asleep to the sound of teeth chattering, or you could call Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning for the expert furnace repair you deserve!

Known for providing the Greater Merced area with comfort since 1970, we are proud to provide our customers with only the highest quality furnace repairs so you can go back to having a good night’s sleep in no time.

A Functioning Furnace will Make Everyone Happy

To the untrained eye, you may not notice your furnace needs repairing until it’s too late. Knowing what to look out for might save you from a late-night emergency call for a furnace repair. To avoid an unwanted freezing night and stressful phone calls, here are common warning signs to look out for when you might need furnace repair:

  • Strange odors when your furnace is turned on
  • Electricity bills are much higher than normal
  • Your furnace turns on and off repeatedly
  • Uneven heating throughout your home
  • Significant noises coming from your furnace
  • Improper heating
  • Old age

There is no reason anyone should suffer through the outcomes of a failed furnace when a certified expert is just one phone call away. If your home is experiencing any of these telltale signs, give the certified technicians at Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning a call to schedule a furnace repair today! We will get you back to comfort in no time.

Providing comfort since 1970, we have what it takes to keep you comfortable year-round with furnace repairs, maintenance, replacements, and more!  Don’t let a failed furnace disrupt your comfort – give Blaine Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning a call at 209-723-0062 to schedule a furnace repair today.

Why is my Furnace not Turning on?

Understanding the function of heating and air conditioning appliances can be a little complicated. All the bells and whistles have to be in sync to provide a proper function for individual homes. Realizing your furnace is broken is the easy part, the hard part is trying to figure out why. With that being said, here are the most common reasons why your furnace is not turning on:

  • Poor maintenance
  • Dirty air filter
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Pilot light is out
  • Overheated component
  • Cycling frequently
  • Normal wear and tear

Keeping the comfort and safety of our customers as a top priority, we also provide furnace maintenance to prevent future calls for furnace repair in the colder months. We suggest scheduling an annual furnace maintenance appointment with the certified experts at Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning so you can stay warm and cozy all year long. Give us a call at 209-723-0062 to stay warm with professional furnace repair service you can trust!

Don’t see your furnace repair questions directly on our website? Speak with an expert from Blaine Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning today to address any questions you may have. We are always happy to help!