Air Conditioning Maintenance

Looking to schedule trustworthy AC maintenance in the Greater Merced area? Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning performs AC maintenance service you can trust!

HVAC Technician performing air conditioner maintenance

Reliable Air Conditioner Maintenance

Giving your air conditioner proper maintenance from the get-go could save you from a myriad of troubles in the future. Proper maintenance could help you avoid expensive repairs, emergency breakdowns, and spendy replacements. We know how expensive air conditioning repairs and replacements can be which is why Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning AC maintenance services are built to make sure your air conditioning gives you the cool air you deserve for the long run. Our certified technicians are passionate about what they do and will help guarantee your satisfaction is met all season long.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

California has some of the best weather year-round, and it is typically pretty warm. This means your AC will be in heavy use for a few months so giving it a thorough tune-up before the warm months hit can prevent many problems from developing.

Here is what our air conditioner maintenance service includes:

  • Air filter replacement and/or inspection
  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Check thermostat for proper function
  • Lubricate motors and fans
  • Recharge refrigerant
  • Ensure drain lines/pan is clear

How Often Should you Service your Air Conditioner?

Although no two air conditioning stories are the same, the general rule of thumb is to schedule an air conditioner maintenance tune-up at least twice a year. Typically one time in the fall, before the cool weather floats in, and once in the spring when the weather begins to defrost and warm up.

If your air conditioner has gone a while without some love and care and has been experiencing only wear and tear, there are some options to consider. Give your local heating & air conditioning experts a call to have your system professionally maintained or attempt simple maintenance in-between visits.

Here are a few housekeeping tips for your air conditioner:

  • Clean debris in and around the unit
  • Straighten up air conditioner fins
  • Clean the fan, fins, and coils
  • Clean evaporator drain and unclog mold build-up

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