Whole-House Fan Installation

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Whole house fan in attic

What are Whole-House Fans?

Understanding the concept of how thermal mass cooling works is essential to learning how whole-house fans work. Here is a basic example – on a hot day when you get into your car what do you do? Often, you may roll down your windows to let the hot air out, begin to drive so cooler air can flow in, and roll up your windows and turn on your car’s air conditioning to reach the desired temperature. Using natural airflow, you can “thermally cool” your car. By using the material of your home to store heat and by contrast, to stay cool,  whole-house fans work similarly to this example. Whole-house fans act like an air conditioner for most of the year. As the air begins to flow from open windows or doors, your whole-house fan pulls in cool air and ventilates your entire house with fresh and cool air. Cooling your home quickly and affordably.

4 Reasons Why Installing Whole-House Fans Can Save You Money and Stress

- Save 50-90% on AC bills

You can thank thermal mass cooling for this attractive statistic. Thermal mass cooling can bring down the core temperature of the home with fresh air, unlike an air conditioner that is recycling the same air over and over. When you open your windows and turn on your whole-house fan, you are extracting heat from the physical material in your home. This means when you run your fan at night, your home will stay cool for longer so you don’t have to turn on your AC until later – or not at all!

- Extend the Life of Your AC System

Using your AC less often because of your whole house fan efficiency, will ultimately lessen the number of repairs, replacements, or installments you may need if you are running your system constantly. The inevitable wear and tear of an AC system will be slowed down drastically, putting pricier services at the end of your priorities.

- Balance the Temperature of Your Home

Often in two-story houses, there is a noticeable heating and cooling difference between the two stories. The upstairs being too hot and the downstairs being too cool. Whole-house fans create an equilibrium, balancing temperatures in each room, solving that problem affordably.

- Improve Indoor Air Quality

Whole-house fans can be an extremely efficient way of providing indoor air quality by ventilating your entire home with fresh air circulation. They also can extract hot or moist air within the higher parts of your home (attics), preventing mold and mildew from growing.

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How to Maximize Use of a Whole-House Fan

When you walk into your home that is at an uncomfortably high temperature, what do you do? Typically, you turn on your air conditioner and wait quite some time for it to cool down the entirety of your house while the money flies out of your wallet. When you install a whole-house fan, you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature all day for just a fraction of the price. You can maximize your  whole-house fan potential with these helpful tips and tricks:

  • When the temperature outside is cooler than the air within your home, turn on your whole-house fan overnight to keep your space cool longer.
  • Although whole-house fans cannot produce cold air during sweltering temperatures, they can cause a breeze factor, moving the stale hot air outside making your situation much more bearable.
  • For rooms that are not being used to concentrate airflow, close the windows and door inside that room to maximize efficient ventilation.

Whole-House Fan Installation with Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning

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