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Blaine Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning has a team of licensed technicians who are prepared to meet all of your home’s needs. We’re here for the residents of Atwater, offering a variety of services to make your life easier, preventing you from having to call up multiple companies. With us, you can receive quality heating and cooling, as well as ventilation, insulation, and installation for other fixtures in your home. From repairing water heaters, to installing attic fans, Blaine Inc. is ready to wow you with our upfront prices and dependable service. We can be contacted here or through our phone number, 209-723-0062. Reach out to us today, we can’t wait to add you to our list of happy customers.  

Improve Your Home Comfort

Maximize your comfort with an appointment from Blaine Inc. today! Your home is our top priority, and we will work to guarantee that it is up to standards. We can help you achieve multiple services for your residential home in Atwater. When you schedule a maintenance appointment, we’ll perform a thorough check-in, to see if any other fixtures in your home are in need of help. Only with us can you receive water heater repair after a furnace maintenance check.

Blaine Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning is glad to know that our clients can depend on us in their time of need, thanks to our upfront prices, and no overtime fees. Our honesty and excellent communication set us apart in our field and have earned us plenty of happy reviews from past customers.

To get in contact with us, we can be reached at 209-723-0062! Blaine Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning is here and ready to be of service.

About Atwater, California

 Atwater, CA is a small-town of 30,000 located halfway in-between Atwater and Turlock. It offers a quaint, easy-going atmosphere while being a two-hour drive from San Francisco, CA, and an hour and a half from Yosemite National Park.

Things to do in Atwater

Castle Air Museum

Hunter Family Farms

Rancho Del Rey Golf Club

What is Atwater Known For?

Atwater, CA is a stop on State Route 99, and is known for its history regarding the railroad tracks and its WW II Air Force Base, which is now Castle Air Museum.

Is Atwater a Good Place to Live?

Atwater has a low crime rate and offers a small-town community while being located next to larger college towns. Atwater prioritizes its tight-knit community and is a great place to settle down and raise a family.

Atwater Fun Facts

Atwater was founded in 1922 and started as a community named after one of the largest land-owners at the time, Marshall David Atwater.