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All your cooling needs will be fulfilled when you hire Blaine Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning! We have served Livingston, California, and the surrounding areas since 1970, priding ourselves on our excellent service and workmanship. When summer temperatures come around, you’ll want an air conditioning unit that you can depend on. We understand your needs and will work to achieve them, so that you can live in comfort, year-round. Contact us today and set up an appointment to get your home back on track!

AC Repair

When your AC starts experiencing problems, Blaine Inc. is more than ready to help. We will arrive and perform a full inspection, so that we can give you a proper diagnosis of the problem and any other issues that might occur in the future. Thanks to our upfront pricing, we will receive your full approval before we get to work. After a repair appointment with us, you’ll be pleased to find an AC system that is running as good as new.

AC Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioning unit in good health for years to come can be achieved by booking regular AC maintenance appointments. When you book a maintenance appointment, a professional technician will come and check in on the current state of your unit, repairing any problems they see. These preventative measures can save the life of your unit down the road by stopping any breakdowns before they occur. Save yourself from expensive repairs and cooling disasters in the future. A preventative maintenance appointment is just what your cooling system needs.

AC Replacement

Blaine Inc. is here to provide consultations about which AC unit is best for your home. When coming to a decision about whether to replace or repair, we will list out your options, making sure you are comfortable with your final choice. After a decision has been made, we’ll replace your current AC system with the desired unit, fitting it just right within your home, to guarantee the best possible results.

Maximize Your Comfort with Blaine Inc. Air Conditioning

At Blaine Inc., we’re here to help you! The comfort and safety of your home is our top priority, and we will work to make sure that you feel satisfied with your current cooling system. From AC repair, maintenance, and replacement, we’re a company that will work to meet your needs and guarantee a job well done, the first time around.

Improve the health of your cooling system today! Contact Blaine Inc. at 209-723-0062 and prepare to shortly be in touch with one of our licensed professionals.

About Livingston, California

Livingston, CA is a small neighboring town located almost completely in the middle between Modesto and Turlock. It’s an agricultural town of 13,000, growing sweet potatoes, grapes and almonds, and is a location for one of the biggest poultry producers in the US, Foster Farms.

Things to do in Livingston

McConnell State Recreation Area

Valenta Blueberry Farm

Hilmar Cheese Company

What is Livingston Known For?

Livingston is known for its agricultural background, and jobs related to the dairy and poultry industry, especially Foster Farms, and Joseph Gallow Farms, which are some of the largest dairy and poultry industries in the United States.

Is Livingston a Good Place to Live?

Livingston is a safe, family friendly community that hosts local farmers markets, festivals, and sporting activities, with beautiful weather almost year-round. Its welcoming atmosphere and great location make it a great place to reside.

What County is Livingston, CA located in?

Livingston resides in Merced County, nestled in the San Joaquin Valley. It is located 7 miles away from Atwater, CA and 15.8 miles away from Merced, CA.