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Heat Pump Services in Atwater, California

A heat pump serves as both a heating and cooling unit, coming in handy throughout every type of weather. Thanks to their duality and high functionality, they are a popular option for the residents of Atwater, California. They can be installed on the outside of residential homes and commercial buildings and use refrigerant to generate warm and cold air. Certain models produce heat from outside air, while others depend on the heat from the ground. No matter your make or model, Blaine Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning can provide heat pump replacement, repair, and maintenance.

Heat Pump vs Furnace vs Air Conditioner

Furnace – A furnace burns fuel to create heat, and then spreads this heat throughout the home. These units can only provide warm air and cannot be used to cool down a home.

Air Conditioner – Refrigerant within air conditioners turns to gas, which is then used to cool inside spaces, transferring this cooled air within the ductwork of a home. Similarly to a furnace, an air conditioner can only produce one type of temperature. But unlike a furnace, it works to produce cool air only.

Heat Pump – A heat pump redistributes the temperatures around it. It pulls warmth from the outside and pushes it throughout a home to produce heat. When a homeowner requires cold air, the heat pump sucks the hot, stuffy air out of a home and redistributes it elsewhere. Heat pumps are excellent options for homes thanks to their ability to serve multiple purposes and produce multiple temperatures.

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Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps require constant maintenance, due to how often they are used. Similarly to how furnaces and air conditioners require 1-2 appointments a year, the same can be said for heat pumps. Luckily, since heat pumps are able to condense two units into one, you can save money on frequent maintenance appointments. When scheduling a check-up for your unit, we recommend doing so in advance, especially before major heat waves. This will not only help you beat the crowds, but it can prevent a total system breakdown.

Heat Pump Repair

If your heat pump has begun to act up or has broken down entirely, Blaine Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning can provide heat pump repair. Our experts are very familiar with spotting signs of wear and tear and can accurately diagnose the problem. We will work to get your heat pump into good health, giving you a huge sigh of relief after an appointment with us.

Heat Pump Replacement

On the occasion that your heat pump requires more than just repairs, we can replace your system, installing an entirely new unit in its place. We can install both air-source and geothermal units, properly planning out all the installation requirements ahead of time. We will not only expertly install your new heat pump but can provide guidance and advice on which heat pump might be the best fit for your home.  Take a sigh of relief when you call us for the job. Our skill and expertise cannot be beaten.

About Atwater, California

 Atwater, CA is a small-town of 30,000 located halfway in-between Atwater and Turlock. It offers a quaint, easy-going atmosphere while being a two-hour drive from San Francisco, CA, and an hour and a half from Yosemite National Park.

Things to do in Atwater

Castle Air Museum

Hunter Family Farms

Rancho Del Rey Golf Club

What is Atwater Known For?

Atwater, CA is a stop on State Route 99, and is known for its history regarding the railroad tracks and its WW II Air Force Base, which is now Castle Air Museum.

Is Atwater a Good Place to Live?

Atwater has a low crime rate and offers a small-town community while being located next to larger college towns. Atwater prioritizes its tight-knit community and is a great place to settle down and raise a family.

Atwater Fun Facts

Atwater was founded in 1922 and started as a community named after one of the largest land-owners at the time, Marshall David Atwater.